About PamélaMaria

internal and external business presentations dealing with the art and design policy of KPN. She was also involved in the design of the uniforms for Post Telecom and Postbank security and many exceptional business gifts. After that she worked as an independent design manager on corporate identity projects for various businesses in the ICT, HRM and residential care sectors, among others.

In 1999 Paméla chose to focus on her original passion: free expression. She uses techniques such as photography, assemblages and paintings in acrylic and oil. Most of the pieces also have text. Since 5 years she mostly works with textile. The material in which she can explore her exceptional eye for color the most. Her unbridled creativity leads to new objects and techniques every year, and a growing collection. She has done projects for TBI, Staedion Woning Coöperatie, Solvay Pharmaceuticals Brussels and The Ministry of Defense.

Her work can be characterized as surrealistic and expressive, colorful and graphic, visual narratives with considerable poetic power. It is detailed, it shows perfectionism and professionalism.