The works, made between 2006 - now, can be seen as reliefs of yarn. my eye is caught by details where color and light on the skin of things is typical of my translation of reality. Something I intuitively but especially investigative use, while the compositional structure always takes place in the tension between geometric devised built planes and intuitive formations.
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Spatial objects, made between 2000-2007, where dreams and associations are captured in three dimensions. It results in literary story boxes where fiction and reality meander and apparent contradictions merge. Nothing is what it seems. With this work I zoom in on the beauty of everyday life and the happiness of the moment.

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The publications explore the question ‘why do I create what I create in tekst and image. These are journals that capture a certain period in my oeuvre

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The projects support the brand and communication of a business by visualizing the Corporate Philosophy through text and image. Recent examples are the assemblies for the management of Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Bruxelles and photo’s and paintings for NACO/HKDHV

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Vertical city V

2016 - 80x60 cm - mohair yarn, paper on canvas

Reflection V

2018 - 30x30 cm - cotton yarn, photo, cardboard on canvas

All or nothing

2018 - 30x30 cm - mohair and cotton yarn, photo, cardboard on canvas


2017 - 40x40 cm - cotton and mohair yarn, photo, cardboard on canvas


2018 - 50x50cm - mohair yarn, painted acrylpaper on canvas

Mountains 2

Wooden frame - Created in 2014 - Size: 40 x 40cm (1’3"x 1’3") - Materials used: cardboard, mohair & cotton yarn

Moving 2

80x60 cm - 2016 - photo, yarn on canvas

A rainy day in spring, wired

A rainy day in spring

2019, 80x60cm, photo, acrylic and yarn

refection IV

reflections IV

50x40 cm - 2018 - yarn and photo on canvas

Tiles V

40x40cm - yarn, cardboard on canvas


2002 - 144 x 88 cm

Summer Reflections

summer reflections

24x24 cm - 2018 - yarn and foto on canvas


2018 - 70x70cm - yarn and painted acrylpaper on canvas

wij samen bij mij

2008 - 40x60x6 cm

Niet voor elke tijd

2004 - 70x50x10 cm

Vertical City I

2015 - 50x40 cm - cotton yarn, aquarel paper on canvas